What Types of Water Treatment Are Available for Your Area?

There are many types of water treatment. For almost every issue you could experience in the Oklahoma City Area with drinking water or your home water supply, there’s a method to address it — whether it’s a whole home water filter, or an under-sink, point-of-use water filtration system in your kitchen, and just about everywhere between, the options for water treatment solutions vary widely based on what is being treated, and why it’s being treated.  

Water Treatment Basics

Water treatment is a term that generally refers to all of the options available for modifying your water — whether that’s adjusting the taste, removing hardness, or filtering out potentially harmful or destructive contaminants.  So for example, your Brita Water pitcher could be considered a form of water treatment, as could a whole-home water softener system. Water purification systems also fall into this category, and are primarily concerned with removing any and all contaminants and minerals from water.

Water Softening Systems

Water softening and water softeners refer to very specific forms of water treatment. They are designed to “soften” or remove dissolved minerals and metals from water. These products are specifically designed to target the minerals like calcium, lime, and magnesium that are primarily to blame for hard water issues around the home. These minerals often build up on fixtures and appliances, making them less efficient, and they can also leave behind stains, filmy residue, and hard water spots that can be challenging to clean.

Water Filtration Systems

So while water softeners target hard water and resolve issues associated with it, water filters are generally a much more comprehensive water treatment solution.  For example, water filtration systems are formulated to filter and remove chemical contaminants in water, like chlorine, going several steps beyond a water softener to ensure water is clean and safe for consumption. Water filters include specialized filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis and UV treatment.

Which Is Right For Me?

The most important thing to consider when choosing between water softening and water filtration is to establish what your water treatment needs are. If you’ve already had a home water test, this decision will be much easier. A water test can tell you what is in your water, so you’ll be more informed about whether you need softening, filtration, or a combination of both.

Your local Culligan Man can provide a complimentary water test , and review the results with you.  They can also help you understand which water treatment approach, whether it’s filtration, softening, or something else, will address the needs your specific water has.