Mollman’s Culligan Water – Serving Greater Oklahoma City

Why Mollman’s Culligan?

Mollman’s Culligan Water will provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions in solving your water problems.

Our well-trained staff has years of experience and the knowledge and skills to help you with any water-related challenges you may encounter. Please contact us with any water concern you may have.

Most of us live in areas where the water that is used is classed as Hard Water. What this means is that the water contains a lot of impurities that affect the taste of the water and the hardness of the water that comes out of the shower, tub and washing machine. This hard water that you taste and feel does not only provide you with a level of discomfort, but also causes damage to the appliances and plumbing in your home or office. Our water is clean and pure; you will notice a difference as soon as you turn on your faucet, showerhead or tub.