Maintenance Tips for a Water Softener

Person changing the filter on a osmosis water system.

Maintenance Tips for a Water Softener

Your water softener plays a pivotal role in keeping your water fresh and your appliances running efficiently.
However, just like any piece of equipment, your water softener needs to be properly taken care of to perform
optimally. In this blog post, we will go over some simple tips and tricks and answer some questions to help
you keep your water softener running like it’s brand new!

How to Clean Your Water Softener

There are a few things you’re going to want to do in order to keep your water softener clean and running
efficiently. Firstly, you’ll want to break up salt bridges forming in the brine tank. This usually shows up
as a crust next to the salt. To make your salt tank look good, you can clean beneath the bridge by using a
broomstick. You will also want to clean the resin bed of your water softener. This helps to ensure that
there isn’t any iron buildup in your tank. We recommend giving your water softener a clean at least once
every six months!

How Often Should I Check My Salt Levels?

Checking the salt levels of your water softener system is an essential part of its maintenance. Generally
speaking, checking your salt levels once or twice a month should suffice. When checking, ensure the salt
level in the brine tank is 3-4 inches above the water level.

Water Softener Tips and Tricks

There are other tips to consider when caring for your water softener system. The quality of your salt plays a
significant factor in the longevity and performance of your system. Think of it like PJs vs. you do an
excellent job fixing your dinner wearing a chef hat! Well like moisture particles is from another thing you
wanna look for lead. Anyone knowledgeable at least will look for empty containers in your water. Make sure
you give your resin bed a good clean every once in a while to help keep your system’s effectiveness.
Potentially need replacements after 5-6 months.

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