Learn About Softner Benefits

What Does a Water Softener Do?

If your household is struggling with water that tastes funny, you may need a water softener. Installing a water softener can be done independently or by contacting our team at Culligan Water. We help out Oklahoma City and the surrounding towns as well. With many benefits and options for water softeners, there’s no better time to upgrade your living experience. For answers to your questions and more reasons why you should install a water softener, call our team at 405-672-7821.

How a Water Softener Works

A water softener works by switching out the ions in your tap water through an “ion exchange.” Houses in Oklahoma City typically have high levels of calcium and magnesium, the elements that result in your water being “hard.” Adding sodium can remove the hard elements and produce water that is “softer” for your skin, laundry, and kitchen appliances.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Water softeners help reduce buildup in your pipes, which can lead to your household appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, lasting longer. Calcium and magnesium can also cause water spots in your dishes and the bathroom. With a water softener, these are removed, making your dishes shine again. For your laundry, clothes also last longer, as calcium and magnesium cause them to fade faster.
Contact us for a free consultation and water testing in your home in Oklahoma City to see which water softener is best for you.

Best Water Softener Options

Multiple water softeners are available through Culligan Water, and the best one for you depends on the water flowing through your home. Listed below are our available offerings:

Aquasential Smart High-Efficiency Water Softener Our award-winning water softener, with alerts and usage tracking
Culligan High Efficiency 1-Inch Water Softener Highly efficient to help save salt and water costs
Aquasential Select Series Water Softener The most cost-effective water softener from Culligan
Aquasential Smart High-Efficiency Municipal Water Softener Water softener and filtration system
HE Municipal Water Conditioner Helps reduce chlorine from the smell and taste
Aquasential Smart High-Efficiency Softener-Cleer Removes hard water and iron
HE Softener-Cleer Home Water Conditioner Removes hard water and sulfur
Aquasential Smart High-Efficiency Twin Softener Two highly efficient water softeners for high water usage
HE Twin Water Softener Two water tanks for maximum water usage

For more water filtration systems and salt-free options, speak with our team at Culligan Water.

Water Softener System Questions

Common questions arise when searching for the best water softener in Oklahoma City. Some of these include:

  • Will my water taste salty?
  • How do I test for hard water?
  • Are chemicals used to soften the water?
  • How often should I add salt to the water softener?

Answers to all these questions and the form to get pricing on a water softener are available on this page. We look forward to solving your hard water problems whether you are in Oklahoma City or the surrounding area!