Benefits of Home Water Testing

Someone holding a used Water PH tester card and vile of 6.4ph water.

Benefits of Home Water Testing

You use the water in your home every single day. Whether taking a long shower or filling up a pot to boil your pasta for
dinner, the water must be clean and free of harmful chemicals for optimal living and health. The best way to ensure that
your home water is clean and safe is by getting it tested by professionals. At Culligan Water, we take pride in
providing customers with free in-home water tests to keep them and their loved ones happy, safe, and healthy. If you
want to schedule your free in-home water test, call us at 405-672-7821 or schedule it online.

Why Should I Test my Home’s Water?

Being a homeowner means adhering to a seemingly endless list of responsibilities for your home to function and serve its
purpose. However, in-home water testing is one facet that many overlook. Testing the water running through your house
and tap ensures no harmful chemicals and contaminants are present. Chemicals like arsenic, fracking fluids, chlorinated
disinfection byproducts, and PFAS have all been found in drinking water. These substances are harmful to drink and can
lead to health problems. Testing your water is also an opportunity to ensure your home's water treatment systems are
functioning correctly.

How to Install a House Water Filler

Installing your house water filter will take 2-4 hours and can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with
plumbing practices. Here is a quick summary of how to install a house water filler in your home:

  1. Choose the Filter Location: Access the whole house filter cartridges and select a position near the main
    water shut-off valve. The system should be installed in line with the existing plumbing line.
  2. Remove a Section of Pipe: Turn off the water supply and mark a section of pipe to make room for the
    filter system.
  3. Install the Tees and a By-Pass Shut-off Valve
  4. Add Two Shut-Off Valves
  5. Solder Connections
  6. Add a Grounding Jumper Cable if Necessary

This can be a lot to take in if you are unfamiliar with plumbing systems and installations. If you want professional
help, contact us at Culligan Water to speak with our team!

The Benefits of Testing Your Home’s Water

Testing your home’s water has many benefits that will keep you and your family safe. Some benefits include
the following:

  • Water quality testing gives you a clear picture of what is in your water and what needs to be addressed.
  • Certain conditions like dry and itchy skin can result from contaminated water. Testing your water can
    lead to your discovering the presence of these contaminants.
  • When clean water, you and your family aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits. Your appliances will
    run much more efficiently as well.

How Your Free In-Home Water Test Works

Once you schedule your free in-home water test with us at Culligan Water, your Culligan Man will visit your
home and provide a complete water analysis. This analysis will cover things like your water, if it’s
plumbing or appliances that you are not sure how to treat or anything in-between. If any analysis or
treatment, they will provide you with an in-depth report and estimate for equipment. In its entirety, the
process is quick and painless, taking about 30 minutes or less. If you decide to buy a Culligan Water
treatment option, you will receive a $20 installation that’s not mandatory for your Culligan Man. If you
have any more questions regarding the free in-home water testing process, please call us at 405-672-7821 to
learn more!