Water Quality in Oklahoma City

Man washing hands under Oklahoma City public restroom sink to test the water quality and pressure.

Water Quality in Oklahoma City

Every municipality has unique concentrations of contaminants and other minerals in their tap water, affecting quality. This is due to several factors, such as sediments, weather, water pH, etc. Because of this, it is essential to understand the type of water quality in your area to know how it could negatively affect your health. The experts at Culligan Water are here to provide specific information on water quality in Oklahoma, how it could affect your health and home, and offer suggestions on which treatment options would be best for you.

Impacts of Poor Water Quality

Poor water quality could negatively impact your health or the appliances you use. Hard water could cause dry skin after showering and the water to taste off. In addition, mineral buildup on appliances such as the water heater and dishwasher could significantly reduce their efficiency and lifespans. Drinking water in Oklahoma City could have unwanted odors and taste due to contaminants. Even if you can’t immediately notice the effects of poor drinking water quality from the tap, unnoticed minerals could have long-term side effects like cancer. That is why implementing a high-quality water filtration system in your home is an excellent choice for great-tasting water and a long-term investment in your health.

Oklahoma Water Quality

Knowing your Oklahoma City water quality is the first step in getting the treatment solutions you need for your home. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has recently been ranked amongst the lowest in tap water quality. Oklahoma City water is primarily sourced from Lake Atoka and Lake Hefner. These are known as surface water sources and can be exposed to a wide range of contaminants before being treated by municipal treatment plants. As a result, Oklahoma City has been known to experience higher cases of hard water in homes. The most recent Oklahoma City Drinking Water Quality Report showed the city stayed in compliance with testing minerals for the year. However, compliance does not always mean it is safe, as the government allows a certain threshold for contaminants to be acceptable. Cancer-related contaminants such as bromate and chlorine were found to be in higher concentrations in Oklahoma City tap water while still under the legal allowed limit. Culligan Water holds itself to higher standards and aims to filter out all these contaminants and minerals from your water.

Culligan Water Treatments

Culligan Water is ready to help you get the most out of your water. We offer free, no-obligation water testing to determine the exact water quality delivered to your area. Our water softener systems can provide solutions for Oklahoma City’s most common water hardness issues. We offer under-the-sink reverse osmosis filters that remove metallic tastes and unwanted odors, leaving you with pure drinking water. If you want a customized solution that delivers clean drinking water and softens your water for the entire house, our whole-house water filtration system offers everything you need to get the highest quality water possible. Call your local Culligan Water representative today for more information on our water treatment options.